The Arkansas Fountain Coalition for Urban River Evaluation (AF CURE) is a stakeholder-led association of nine independent wastewater discharging entities located in El Paso and Pueblo Counties, Colorado. It was formed with the objective of creating a collaborative process for its members to monitor, influence, and comply with water quality regulations adopted by the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission and engage in other water quality-related efforts within the Fountain Creek watershed and Arkansas River basin.

The AF CURE area includes Fountain Creek and Chico Creek watersheds as well as the Arkansas River between Pueblo Dam and John Martin Reservoir. This includes tributaries to Fountain Creek, Monument Creek and the Arkansas River between Pueblo Dam and John Martin Reservoir. 

Top Water Quality Priorities for AF CURE

  1. Consolidate efforts to meet the requirements of CDPHE Regulation 85 – Nutrient Management Control and Regulation 31 – Basic Standards for Surface Water.
  2. Assess sources and effects of natural and human induced impacts to water quality and water quality trends through collection of water quality data.
  3. Collect data for water quality impaired parameters on the 303(d) list, site specific standards and nutrient standards.
  4. Share information and experiences with interested parties. Participate in regulatory stakeholder processes.
  5. Ensure accurate data reporting to the Colorado Data Sharing Network.