About Us

The Arkansas Fountain Coalition for Urban and River Evaluation (AF CURE) is an association of nine independent wastewater discharging entities located in El Paso and Pueblo counties. AF CURE was convened by PPACG in 2012 in response to the nutrient monitoring requirements contained in CDPHE Nutrient Monitoring Control Regulation 85 and the need for watershed-wide monitoring plans and programs. AF CURE submitted the Regulation 85 Nutrients Sampling and Analysis Plan to CDPHE in March 2013. AF CURE is a sub-group of the Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority. The details of this relationship were worked out in a project participation agreement, which was approved and signed by all nine AF CURE member entities.

Member Activities

AF CURE member activities include coordinated monitoring, sampling, analysis and reporting of discharges and stream water quality within and connected to the project area, initially focused on, but not limited to, compliance with Water Quality Control Commission Regulation 85; water quality data compilation and management; joint participation in activities of the Water Quality Control Commission and Water Quality Control Division or water quality efforts; participation in regulatory hearings; additional monitoring to develop site specific standards for water quality parameters within the watershed; conducting water quality studies; joint financing of water quality studies; sharing of news and information; and development of a web site to share information.