Past Activities


  • Developed a water quality white paper that serves to document, inform, and guide water-quality-related activities based on a comprehensive and agreed-upon understanding of the critical issues. Presentations on this paper have been made to the PPACG and PACOG Boards of Directors.
  • Presented testimony at Arkansas River Basin Standards and Classification Hearing (Regulation 32) and developed a list of both general and specific issues and concerns for stream segments in Fountain Creek, Middle Arkansas and Lower Arkansas basins.
  • Developed a map of current sampling locations.
  • Developed an agreement with the Colorado Data Sharing Network who will be responsible for entering in the data for Regulation 85.
  • Developed a list of nutrient sampling locations which was sent to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in March 2013. This list is intended to comply with Regulation 85 and will be expanded upon in the future.