The Arkansas Fountain Coalition for Urban and River Evaluation (AF CURE) is an association of nine independent wastewater discharging entities located in El Paso and Pueblo counties. These entities are:

City of Pueblo Wastewater Department

Colorado Springs Utilities

Fountain Sanitation District

Lower Fountain Metropolitan Sewage Disposal District

Pueblo West Metropolitan District

Security Sanitation District

Tri-Lakes WWTF (Monument, Palmer Lake, and Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District)

Upper Monument Creek Regional WWTF (Donala Water and SD, Forest Lakes and Triview Metro Districts)

Widefield Water and Sanitation District



Project Area

The AF CURE project area includes Fountain Creek and Chico Creek watersheds as well as the Arkansas River between Pueblo Dam and John Martin Reservoir. This includes tributaries to Fountain Creek, Monument Creek and the Arkansas River between Pueblo Dam and John Martin Reservoir. Sampling locations within the project area  are shown in the Monitoring Group Baseline Watershed Monitoring Plan (updated January 2015) available in the Members Only Section of the website.


Our Purpose

The purpose of AF CURE is to:

  • Consolidate the efforts and resources of multiple agencies to meet requirements of the CDPHE nutrient management control regulation #85 and ultimately regulation #31.
  • Gain knowledge of sources and effects of loading impacts through collection of water quality data.
  • Gain knowledge of human-induced and naturally occurring impacts to water quality, spatial and temporal water quality trends, and state and federal water quality standards.
  • Collect data for water-quality-impaired parameters listed on the 303(d) list (a list of water quality-impaired stream segments developed as part of the Federal Clean Water Act), site-specific standards, and nutrient standards.
  • Share information and experiences in permitting/interactions with the Colorado Monitoring Framework (CMF), Water Quality Control Division (WQCD), and other interested parties.
  • Ensure accurate, reliable, and efficient reporting of data to the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN).



Our Data

AF CURE's monitoring data is publicly available on the Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) provided by the Colorado Data Sharing Network. On the AWQMS portal you can export data and analyze data through developing graphs, reports and maps. CLICK HERE to learn how to access to the portal.


 AWQMS Portal